Why You Should Be Offering The Conklin Roofing Systems To Your Customers!

6 Things Conklin Offers That Most Companies Don't

  • State of the art training facility
  • Business training once a month
  • People with 40 + years of experience
    to help you with any problems
  • Materials that are top quality
  • 50 years in business
  • Has helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams

Why Are Some Contractors Failing?

Often times, it seems that entrepreneurs in contracting are struggling with many things. It can be with clients, expenses, labor, vendors, or other things. The most prized gift to a business owner and contractor outside of a great job done, is continued growth of their business.

Business growth is often hard to make happen in an economy that can be up or down any given year. The last 2 years have been prosperous, and many businesses have had great growth. But then there are contractors that continue to struggle with keeping their doors open or not laying off their help.

WHAT is the difference? What are the successful doing that the unsuccessful are not? And are there Secrets to Success that can be taught that can be a game changer?

Yes and there are many. I have worked with other contractors and building owners to help them increase their revenues and profits dramatically. New Ideas and technology can be an accelerating factor to any business, especially contracting. And it has proven to work in many instances of the people I have worked with.

Matthias Raber's Conklin Success Story! 

"Living The Dream"

Little did he dream the drastic change of lifestyle that he would experience after March of 2009.  Matthias was staying very busy working for a construction crew building houses. He realizes now that in doing so, he was working on his employers dream, which was definitely NOT  Matthias's dream! He also worked for Simon Lee off and on, installing Conklin roofing systems. He enjoyed installing the roofs and was paid well, lack of money was never a huge complaint. He had enough and could even enjoy occasional travel, but he didn't like having his live conformed to someone else's schedule and dream.

One day Simon asked Matthias and his twin brother Elias if they wouldn't consider starting their own business applying Conklin roofs. They hadn't really thought about it so after thinking and praying about the idea, They thought "Why Not?"

and being their own boss appealed to them more and more. So Elias quit his job first, since his schedule was more hectic than that that of Matthias at the time, and he was already married and needed more of a life.

After landing their first decent sized job, Matthias quit his job and they installed their first Conklin roof system. That first winter they had some remodel jobs, residential roofs, and whatever they could to keep money coming in. The 2nd year of roofing they made about the same amount of money as they did working for someone  else, but they did it in a lot shorter time period and were building their own dream, and working with each other. That's something they hadn't been able to do previously. It wasn't until their third year that they stayed busy with doing only Conklin roofs.

Sometime in those first three years Elias and Matthias met up with some friends at a youth gathering about 2 hours from home, they met another set of twins there and as guys do, they got to talking about what they did for a living. Somewhere in the course of the conversation, Linfred and Lavern Zook asked if this is something the could do? Matthias hadn't really planned on building a roofing contractor team with Conklin but he said, "sure you can do this!"  That's when they started to see the residual income potential that Conklin offers. That really became appealing to them, and we decided it would definitely be worth pursuing that dimension of the business more. 

Looking back he's not sure how he got to where he is, it didn't happen overnight, neither did it happen on it's own. It takes lots of effort and diligence. it takes giving of one's self and a time commitment. It means caring enough about others to take time and teach them to do what takes to have the lifestyle we have learned to absolutely love! he now has financial freedom. and is debt FREE! Matthias has time to do things with his family during the week that the average husband and father can't do because he has no money! There are many times when it's not convenient to drive or fly several hours away and help your team for a day or two. But we do that because someone gave us that opportunity and there are others out their needing a life change and wanting the freedom that we have. In helping others we have learned that our own dreams are coming true on an ever-larger scale. Our lives are amazing beyond what we ever have dreamed when we first heard about the Conklin Company! We love our lives and have full confidence that the Conklin business will take us where we want to go. Welive our dream every day! We get to go on vacations every year that most people spend a lifetime saving for. Our future looks bright and we thank God every day for blessing our lives as He has and ask God to enable us to pass this blessing on to others.

If you are tired of just building someone else's dreams instead of your own and would like to know more about this opportunity sign up below to download your free e-book on how to get started, or contact me and I would love to help you get Conklin roofing business started.

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"Conklin has impacted our family positively in many ways. The Conklin products perform exceptionally well, enhancing the quality of our life. And after just a few years, the Conklin business now provides us with the flexibility and freedom to travel and do things that otherwise 

would've taken decades to achieve."

Owen Schrock

"Conklin Support for their contractors is unmatched in the industry"

                                                                                                                                                               Bill Feland

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