Contractor Testimonials

"These Systems Have Truly Been A Game Changer"

"The average size project we do with Conklin roofing systems is much larger than the average size residential projects we were used to doing.. For example a 10,000 sq. ft. roof which is an average job takes only 3 days to get done! We love that from the roofing stand point were in and out. The building owners love it as well as its minimal disruption to their factories and work areas. 
Most of the times we can go right over existing roofing materials without costly tear offs as well reducing the amount they need to spend.
These systems have truly been a game changer for us and we love it!"

E. Raber

National Director

"Completely Changed Our Life As A Family!"

Prior to Conklin I was a general contractor, very busy working on my jobs beside spending time bidding jobs. I was able to provide for the needs of my family but I didn't have the time I wanted to spend with my family while my children are young!
I got introduced to Conklin, saw the opportunity to add it to my existing business, and found that commercial roofing has much less competition and higher profits! So I did less and less general construction until by 2009 I completely stopped the construction part of the business and did only commercial roofing.
I found myself with more money and time, and it completely changed our life as a family! We now travel, vacation, and do things as a family we only dreamed of prior to Conklin.
I highly recommend you to take a serious look at what Conklin has to offer you and your family! 

Simon Lee

National Director

"Only Regret Is Not Doing It Years Ago!"

Hello my name is Ty Howard. I got signed up with Conklin in June 2015 with Elias Raber as my sponsor. There isn't a better person to help you then this guy. He went above and beyond for me more times than I can count.

I worked a factory job as a maintenance man before I started my own roofing business. It was a dead end job! I had been there almost 5 years and my life was not the way I wanted it to be. After Elias talked me into going to a Conklin business seminar it changed my life for the better. I saw this company is there to help people succeed and help people have a life that they always dreamed of. It's a huge family and everyone helps everyone. This business has changed my income dramatically in just a couples months compared to a year at my old job. The work is fun and rewarding. I can't stress enough about how great the company and people inside it are. If you're having trouble deciding if this is for you, take it from me, I'm probably the most indecisive person to ever join Conklin and now my only regret is not doing it years ago! 

Ty Howard

Independent Business Owner

"Check This Business Out!"

"I've previously been in a business grossing over a million dollars a year while I worked all year with a great deal of stress included, and my income didn't even reach half of what I'm making installing Conklin roofs 6-7 months out of a year. The stress level is minimal and I would recommend to anyone looking for a better life for their family, financial freedom, and being around positive people to check this business out!"

Aaran H.

Independent Business Owner

"It's A Great Opportunity"

Conklin has definitely allowed us to do some things we could not hardly do when we were doing cabinets. We have been blessed in our roofing business, praise the Lord, and if you have the opportunity to get started, get started now! It's a great opportunity to build a business that creates a significant income, and a great team to work with! 

Jason Wagler

District Manager

"Provides Us With The Flexibility And Freedom"

"Conklin has impacted our family positively in many ways. The Conklin products perform exceptionally well, enhancing the quality of our life. And after just a few years, the Conklin business now provides us with the flexibility and freedom to travel and do things that otherwise would've taken decades to achieve."

Owen Schrock


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